Church Redecoration Update

The redecoration of the church is complete!

The whole of the church has been redecorated, including the lower part of the tower and the vestry, and the interior now looks fresh and bright.  The conservators from Sally Strachey Historic Conservation carried out excellent work during the eight weeks they were with us.  Various areas of damaged plaster have been repaired and the unsightly staining from previous water incursion has disappeared.  Two additional areas of flooring were found to require attention (making three in all): the floorboards were lifted and rotten wall plates and joists replaced.  It was discovered that part of the problem was caused by blocked air vents, which have been cleared.  We have learned that the floors need to breathe and the PCC has authorised permanent removal of various of the floor coverings.

Amongst other things, the conservators cleaned the windows, including each and every leaded section of the stained glass windows  We have some remedial cleaning to carry out but the church is now open again.  You are very welcome to visit and see the transformation.

That is not, however, the end of the story.  It was discovered that a section of the central heating piping in the vestry is badly corroded.  The affected area of piping, which is behind the safe in the vestry, was not noticed until an adjacent cupboard was moved during the redecoration.  This problem requires urgent attention.

We are now looking to return the contents to the church and would be most grateful for help with this at 10am on Thursday 4th April.  We were lucky to have a host of willing volunteers when the church was cleared and hope you will be able to help with the return.  Please feel free to call Mike Smith on 841146 if you would like any information about this or, indeed, anything relating to the redecoration.

This message would not be complete without thanking George for the huge amount of help he has given us.  The use of his garage has been an absolute blessing and has meant a substantial amount of storage has been available within 50 metres of the church.  In addition to that, he kindly allowed the Sally Strachey staff to park in his yard, which was a great help to them and eased a daily parking problem in the village.  We would also like to thank the church’s immediate neighbours for their cheerful cooperation during the times the scaffolding lorry was there.  Last, and by no means least, we are grateful to the village hall committee for allowing the contractors to use to the gardener’s loo at the village hall.

The first service at the church will be on Sunday 7th April at 9.30am.  Please do come and join us.

Mike Smith