Photo Group Talk – ‘Getting The Best From Your Digital Camera’

Wootton Courtenay Photo Group Invites you to an illustrated talk by Peter Clapham

‘Getting The Best From Your Digital Camera’

Tuesday 14th May 7.30pm, at the Village Hall

EVERYONE WELCOME            Non members £2

Modern cameras are powerful computers packed with incredible systems for making photography automatic.   However, you are still in charge and a little knowledge about when to take control will enable you to take the pictures you want and ensure success every time.

In his illustrated talk, Peter will show you when to communicate with your camera, look at common picture taking mistakes and introduce some of the key skills of photo editing to make your pictures stand out.  He will also introduce you to the wonders of RAW mode.

Communicating with your camera:            

  • Telling it what you want
  • Responding to your camera
  • When do you need to take control?
  • Common mistakes and how to correct
  • Make your pictures ‘zing’ by simple photo editing
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • The wonders of RAW

Download the Poster here: Photo Club May 2019