The Village Room

Work proceeds apace on a number of elements of this forthcoming village attraction, including the joinery and carpentry for the bar, coffee shelf, and three further shelves.  Much advantage has been taken of a kind gift of some well-seasoned Exmoor hardwood.  Some of it, however, is so densely inhabited by colonies of invaders that it is not usable.  More timber is needed.  Some softwood will be bought.  This message is an appeal for three other requirements:

  1. One 100mm by 100mm (4″ x 4″) softwood post, 2.2 metres in length.
  2. One piece of straight plywood (or flat former table-top or suchlike) to make a piece 1.3 metres long by 420 mm wide.  If plywood, 18mm or 25 mm thick.
  3. Rough-sawn hardwood (or former furniture, as above) – enough to make up 1.1 metres by 500mm.

If you have available, and are willing to donate, any of the above, please tell Andy at the village shop (841582), Roger at Windrose (841060) or Andrew at Mill Farm (841585), so that collection can be arranged.

Thank you.