Dalefoot Compost

It’s that time of year again and I will be placing an order for DALEFOOT compost at the end of August, for delivery about a week later.

For newcomers – we have in recent years placed a bulk order for this compost, which is made mainly of sheep’s wool and bracken. It has been very well received and has many recommendations from places like the RHS. For more information, see the Dalefoot website: https://www.dalefootcomposts.co.uk

By placing one large order a year we are able to get a trade price, and therefore considerable savings.
The prices have gone up very slightly this year but the total price including VAT and delivery will be close to:

£5.05 / 30 litre bag for Wool Compost, WC for veg and salad, WC for tomatoes and Lakeland Gold Clay Buster
£5.53 / 30 litre bag Wool Compost Double Strength
£4.35/ 20 litre bag Bulb Compost
£3.55/ 12 litre bag Wool Compost for Seeds

We get the maximum saving if we order 7+ pallets – this has changed since last year when the best price was obtained by ordering 6 pallets. I think it is unlikely that we will get to 7 pallets, but if so then the above prices will be a little less! (It is possible to order bulk bags, but because of increased transport costs this is a more expensive way of buying it.)

Dalefoot are working on the plastic bag issue, but at the moment all their bags can be recycled if cleaned and placed in the plastic bag recycling bins at supermarkets.

If anyone would like to place an order, no matter how large or small, please let me know at
peter.stenner@virgin.net by 29th August.

Peter Stenner