Landrover Discovery Tow Bar Wanted

Hello, I need the use of a tow bar for our Landrover within the next few weeks to move a horse from Sutton in South London up to Milton Keynes. If anyone has a detachable tow bar I could borrow or rent (for a Discovery 4) please let me know by replying to this email. … Continue reading Landrover Discovery Tow Bar Wanted

Village Hall Update

As from the 4th of July Village Halls were allowed to re-open with certain restrictions, so where are we? Our hall will re-open on Monday 24th August, with policies and procedures in place to minimise transmission risk and with a newly resealed shiny floor. At the Zoom Committee Meeting held on 1st July, the following Covid … Continue reading Village Hall Update

Annicombe Farm

Hello, We had an enquiry from Peter and Heather Hood to make contact with the current occupiers at Annicombe Farm. Their grandmother used to live at the farm, they would like to send some photographs to the current occupiers and don't know the full address. If you are indeed one of the occupiers, please reply … Continue reading Annicombe Farm

Minehead Recycling Centre Opens on Tuesday 26th May

You can begin using the recycling centre on Mart Road from Tuesday 26th, with cars being allowed based on their registration numbers: Even numbered car registrations Tuesday 9am - 6pmFriday 9am - 6pmSunday 9am - 4pm Odd numbered car registrations Monday 9am - 6pmWednesday 9am - 6pmSaturday 9am - 4pm New conditions apply on what … Continue reading Minehead Recycling Centre Opens on Tuesday 26th May

Village Quiz – Pilot Test

Behind the scenes there has been some work done to develop a quiz for the village. At the moment this is a simple on-line quiz which you can answer in your own time. We'd be interested for you to try this short pilot quiz by clicking here, you'll need to leave your email address to … Continue reading Village Quiz – Pilot Test

Which Isolation Category are You In?

The sections below are a summary of the most recent government advice. There are five categories, two of which require you to request help via the Good Neighbours Scheme. 1. Healthy, No Symptoms, Any Age Stay at home and only leave for one of these four reasons: Shopping for basic necessities, for example food and … Continue reading Which Isolation Category are You In?

Covid-19: The Villagers’ Stores

Given the Government’s announcement yesterday, that the country is to enter a state of ‘lock-down’, our duty as good citizens is to remain in the isolation of our homes for the next three weeks or until another instruction is forthcoming. Whilst the announcement also included the closure of all retail outlets, the Villagers’ Stores will … Continue reading Covid-19: The Villagers’ Stores

A Message From Beate

Hello, Beate passed on this message which you can listen to by clicking on the Play triangle immediately below, or read the text. Dear Woottonians Spring Equinox is with us marking equal time and light for night and day. For me one more reason to reflect on what is at present happening all around us -  … Continue reading A Message From Beate

Wootton Courtenay Good Neighbours Plan

Help During The Coronavirus Outbreak This afternoon a group of villagers met to consider how to provide care and support within the village for people who are self-isolating or ill.  A framework for organising volunteers around the village has been drawn up, to help those in need.  A map of the village will be divided … Continue reading Wootton Courtenay Good Neighbours Plan