Village Hall dog policy

I thought it might be worth mentioning that the village hall has a long-standing policy of no dogs, except assistance dogs, in the hall please. I only became aware of this quite recently, and it occurred to me that this might be useful information for other relative newcomers to the village. Best wishes, Alan Rowe (Chairman … Continue reading Village Hall dog policy

VE and VJ Day Exhibition Photos & Videos

Ruth Walker and her volunteers did a tremendous job of assembling material to illustrate life during the second world war as did Stan and Amanda with their land girls ensemble. Below is a selection of photos and videos from the event provided by Jamie Waters, Mike O'Keefe and Bill Hodgson.

Village Payment Device

Hello all, The village has invested in a SumUp device which enables us to take contactless or chip & PIN payments as an alternative to cash. SumUp Payments Device This device can take payments using your contactless bank card, or using a chip and PIN card, and can be used wherever there is either WiFi … Continue reading Village Payment Device

Village Hall AGM – Weds at 7:30pm

On Wednesday night we will be holding the AGM of the village hall, in-person at the hall itself. You can learn about the financial position of the hall, future plans and activities, the new legal status, the changes in the committee and more. The committee would welcome your support in return for us acting as … Continue reading Village Hall AGM – Weds at 7:30pm

Enthusiastic People Wanted

If you are a resident of Wootton Courtenay or surrounding area, and are looking for an enjoyable but really useful way to get involved with village life, then look no further. The village hall committee would love to hear from you: please contact Alan ( or 'phone 841573), or meet us at the village hall for … Continue reading Enthusiastic People Wanted

Macbook Pro for Sale

Pictured is a MacBook Pro 15" laptop. It is a mid-2009 model and has been upgraded with a solid-state 480GB drive, meaning it boots quickly even by modern standards. It has 8GB of RAM, a 2.6GHz processor, OS X Yosemite installed plus a bonus of Microsoft Office 2008 with Excel, Word and Powerpoint. The screen … Continue reading Macbook Pro for Sale

Laptop For Sale – with risks

Pictured below is a laptop which is available to someone who wants to give it a new home. The risk involved is that the screen has become unreliable - it works most of the time, but can suddenly display scrambled interference patterns like a TV not tuned in. This could be related to the connector … Continue reading Laptop For Sale – with risks