Village Quiz – Pilot Test

Behind the scenes there has been some work done to develop a quiz for the village. At the moment this is a simple on-line quiz which you can answer in your own time. We'd be interested for you to try this short pilot quiz by clicking here, you'll need to leave your email address to … Continue reading Village Quiz – Pilot Test

Which Isolation Category are You In?

The sections below are a summary of the most recent government advice. There are five categories, two of which require you to request help via the Good Neighbours Scheme. 1. Healthy, No Symptoms, Any Age Stay at home and only leave for one of these four reasons: Shopping for basic necessities, for example food and … Continue reading Which Isolation Category are You In?

Covid-19: The Villagers’ Stores

Given the Government’s announcement yesterday, that the country is to enter a state of ‘lock-down’, our duty as good citizens is to remain in the isolation of our homes for the next three weeks or until another instruction is forthcoming. Whilst the announcement also included the closure of all retail outlets, the Villagers’ Stores will … Continue reading Covid-19: The Villagers’ Stores

A Message From Beate

Hello, Beate passed on this message which you can listen to by clicking on the Play triangle immediately below, or read the text. Dear Woottonians Spring Equinox is with us marking equal time and light for night and day. For me one more reason to reflect on what is at present happening all around us -  … Continue reading A Message From Beate

Wootton Courtenay Good Neighbours Plan

Help During The Coronavirus Outbreak This afternoon a group of villagers met to consider how to provide care and support within the village for people who are self-isolating or ill.  A framework for organising volunteers around the village has been drawn up, to help those in need.  A map of the village will be divided … Continue reading Wootton Courtenay Good Neighbours Plan

Film & Theatre Club Update

Hello all, We had a good time last night viewing Downton, which was probably the last film screening for a while. The Downton disc along with many others are in the book shelves in the shop for you to enjoy. These are all Blu-ray discs and if you don't have a Blu-ray player I can … Continue reading Film & Theatre Club Update

The Monday Night Film is ON!

Hello all, Thank you to all who replied, the votes from the West Somerset jury are as follows: Have no interest in Downton Abbey: 2 votes - which is heresy of course Can't go that night: 2 votes Already seen it: 3 votes Not feeling well (but not a virus carrier): 3 votes The film … Continue reading The Monday Night Film is ON!

Film Club: Will You Be Coming? Feedback Needed ASAP

Hello all, Given the move towards not holding public events, Allerford Cinema have cancelled their upcoming screening, and Timberscombe have cancelled their quiz night. I need to know if we should go ahead with the Monday night film (Downton) so I can cancel if necessary and avoid charges. Please reply to this email ASAP so … Continue reading Film Club: Will You Be Coming? Feedback Needed ASAP

Monday 16th – Downton Abbey at the Village Hall

For Downton fans Monday night will be the pinnacle of your year. The new film features: Royals Servants Romance Plots against Royals An inheritance battle Royal servants Dastardly tricks Marching bands Pithy quips from from Lady Crawley and all your favourite characters The film starts at 7:30 with a trailer for the next film Judy … Continue reading Monday 16th – Downton Abbey at the Village Hall