Hello all,

With the support of the Parish Council and Village Hall Committee a new combined village website has been in preparation. You can see the new site in it’s current state here: The intention is to replace both the main village and village hall websites with this new combined site once we have had input from everyone.

Editor Contact

The editor of the website is Bill Hodgson, a recent arrival to the village. For all website updates please email or phone 841486, or visit Crockford House as I work at home most of the time. (Check I’m here in advance)

Get involved

We are calling on everyone in the village (or even outside the village) to get involved in this new project:

  • Accuracy: We need to make sure the names and contact details of people on the new site are up to date. Please check to see if you are mentioned and let us know of any updates (there is a handy Search box on the top right hand side)
  • Club pages: If you would like a page for your club, please prepare the text and pictures you would like to display and email them over.
  • Events news and photos: If you attend an event in or around the village and want to send in a news story with photos or videos, send them over. (For videos, please don’t use email, get in touch and we will arrange a method of delivery)
  • Contact forms: If you are mentioned on the site and want to hide your email address but still be contactable via the website, we can provide a contact form for visitors to use, which will hide your email address
  • Privacy: If you are mentioned on the site and want your name to be removed, or to remove your phone number, just let us know.
  • Contributions: If you would like to add more information about the village of any sort, historical items, photos, videos etc., send them over (or make contact in advance). All contributions welcome, the site can expand without limit, more or less.
  • Assistant editors: The site allows for anyone to become a contributor or editor if you feel inclined. If you’d like to take part in adding and maintaining the contents of the site, get in touch. It would be useful for website updates to be possible by a few people to ensure continuity over holidays and spread the work.

Running costs & Sponsorship

This site is cheap to run, but not free. We can offer sponsorship opportunities at modest prices to help us pay for the site, and add a little to the Parish income.

  • Home page sponsors: On the right hand side is space for three slots to advertise local businesses. These cost £10 per year, and have been pre-sold for 2018
  • Business listings: Your choice of graphics and text on the listings page, £5 per year.
  • Email logo: Your banner on all the village emails, please ask for an example: £10 per year. This will be shown at the bottom of every email, no flashy graphics, but with an attractive design and a link back to your website.

If you would like to feature your business or organisation on the site, please get in touch.

Email list

We will be integrating the website with a new method of distributing email. We will announce the switch over in due course, you should expect to see email coming from a new address

Due to the anti-spam features of email programs and websites, you may find the new emails disappearing into spam or junk mailboxes. We will send a notification from the existing email list to alert you to this new method, and ask you to check to see if you are receiving the new emails.

We will transfer you to the new system automatically, you can invite others to join the email list using the links on the home page or by visiting this page.

Privacy Policy

We will publish a full privacy policy on the site soon, but for now please be assured that the email list is only for the purpose of sending updates from the website, and will not be used for any other purpose. We will not share your details with any other organisations. Every email you receive (via the new system) will have an Unsubscribe link at the bottom, which takes effect instantly, giving you control.

Next steps

Before we make this new site live, there are a few things to do:

  • Receive and act upon all feedback on the new site
  • Setup the new email distribution system
  • Switch over the old website addresses to this one
  • Let everyone know of the change
  • Ask people to check for the new emails

Thanks for reading, and please get involved.