Memories of The Queen

If you have any memories of the Queen - from Coronation to Diamond Jubilee and beyond - and you would like to share them, I'm hoping to set up a small display of memories in the Church. Photos, stories or small items of interest would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me, Amanda Elliott, on, … Continue reading Memories of The Queen

Misdelivered Parcel

Can anyone help with this parcel delivery? It was supposed to be delivered to Vine Cottage in Lower Town but was delivered here instead (see photo below) - it looks like the back of someone’s bungalow or cottage. If anyone recognises the house or checks their back door and finds it there, could you let … Continue reading Misdelivered Parcel

Shop Shareholders / Villagers Meeting

As a non shareholder but a daily user of the shop, and frequently of the Post Office and Skye’s, l fully endorse the contents of Patrick Hoyte’s letter. An emergency meeting open to all interested villagers must be called by the directors as soon as possible. I detect that the usual friendly ambience of the … Continue reading Shop Shareholders / Villagers Meeting

Shareholders Meeting Proposal

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the current problems surrounding the Villagers' Stores, the members of the shop committee are shareholders and users of the shop themselves, and they have been duly elected at shareholders' meetings. To suggest that they are not acting in good faith is wholly inappropriate, as is any judgement made … Continue reading Shareholders Meeting Proposal

Temporary Road Closure

Temporary Road Closure: ttro900629WS - WW - Ranscombe Road, Minehead Please follow the link to view the above road closure; and the link for the Notice 2: The works are expected to commence on 13th June 2022 and last for 5 days, to enable Wessex Water to carry out new connection works. The contractor … Continue reading Temporary Road Closure

Support For Shop Committee

I read with shock the ungrateful and aggressive response about the village shop committee by Rosie Pocock today. I am not in any way involved with the committee, however I know that they have worked tirelessly over the years for the benefit of the shop and community. This is a group of volunteers who devote … Continue reading Support For Shop Committee