Covid-19 Special Conditions for Individuals and Hall hirers

Anyone using or hiring the hall needs to download and read the documents below:


Below are Hire Charges for Wootton Courtenay Village Hall. To make a booking visit the Contact page and fill in the request form.

Rates for Residents

Hall and coffee making facilities £6.50 per hour
Use of kitchen alone £5.00 per hour
In either of the above cases, where the use of the cookers and / or dishwasher is included there will be an additional one-off charge of £5.00 per booking for their use.
Residents’ parties. negotiable from £65.00 all inclusive
Residents weddings negotiable from £150.00 all inclusive

Rates for Non Residents

Hall and coffee making facilities £13.00 per hour
Use of kitchen alone £10.00 per hour
In either of the above cases, where the use of the cookers and / or dishwasher is included there will be an additional one-off charge of £10.00 per booking for their use.
Residents’ parties. negotiable from £100.00 all inclusive
Residents weddings negotiable from £300.00 all inclusive

Hiring Agreement and Health and Safety Policy

Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation No 1180907

Amended 1st July 2019


Welcome to Wootton Courtenay Village Hall.

The purpose of this formal documentation is to ensure that we keep our wonderful community hall in excellent condition and provide a well equipped, clean and safe environment for a wide range of activities.

Hiring the hall means that you are bound by the terms of the agreement and will follow the health and safety guidelines.

For its part, the Hall Management Committee will do its best to provide a well maintained, adequately equipped and safe environment.

The committee has a policy of continuous improvement, subject to funds, and is happy to consider suggestions from hirers.

Information about  lighting, fire safety and heating is included in the booklet ‘Information for Hirers’ and in notices around the hall.  Further information can be obtained from the chairman (see ‘Important Telephone Numbers’)

Above all, we hope that you enjoy your time in the hall!


  1. The hall, meeting room and kitchen are available for hire for any lawful purpose but the Management Committee reserves the right to refuse a hiring without giving a reason
  2. No one under the age of 18 can hire any part of the hall.
  3. All hire is subject to rules set by the Management Committee, the hiring agreement and conditions set by the appropriate public entertainments licence.
  4. Hire charges are set by the Management Committee and are available on this website
  5. Additional charges may be made for use of electricity, heating, kitchen equipment and staging. These will be discussed with you when booking)
  6. Payment is usually settled by invoice after the event although for some events, an additional deposit against damage is required.
  7. Full recompense must be made for any damage.
  8. The hall including any kitchen equipment/utensils used must be left as found, safe, clean and tidied, ready for the next hiring.
  9. Additional charges will be made for the extension of the stage, if required. These will be discussed and finalised with you when booking.


For the purposes of these conditions a hirer shall mean:

  • Authorised representatives of a village society or organization.
  • Residents of the Village.
  • Non Residents of the Village.
  1. The hirer will, during the period of the hiring, be responsible for the supervision of the premises, the fabric and contents, their care and safety from damage, the behaviour of all persons using the premises and the safe supervision of car parking.
  2. The hirer shall not use the premises for any purpose other than that described at the time of booking and shall not sub-hire or allow the premises to be used for unlawful purposes.
  3. The hirer for a seated event shall ensure that the hall capacity of 100 is not exceeded.
  4. The hirer should not allow anything to be brought on to the premises which may endanger people or the building and render invalid the hall insurance policies.
  5. The hall has an “Alcohol Sales Licence” for social activities organized by the hall committee or village groups, village private parties or village weddings – all in accordance with the terms of the Licence. Where the hirer is a third party from outside the village, the committee may at their absolute discretion require that the hirer obtains his own Temporary Events Licence for the event.
  6. The hirer will not contravene the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.
  7. The hirer will comply with all conditions made in respect of the premises by the Fire Authority, Local Authority, local Magistrates Court and relevant Acts Of Parliament in connection of any event which involves public dancing, music, stage performances and other similar forms of public entertainment.
  8. The hirer will ensure that any activities involving young children and vulnerable adults comply with current legal requirements and that only fit and proper adults have access to children.
  9. The hirer shall, if preparing food, observe all current food health and hygiene legislation.
  10. The hirer shall ensure that all equipment brought into the hall and used there shall be in a safe and sound working order and used in safe manner.
  11. The hirer shall indemnify the committee for the cost of any damage done to any part of the property or the contents of the building which may occur during the period of the hiring as a result of the hiring.
  12. The hirer shall ensure that the peace and rights of the local inhabitants are not disrupted and that a minimum of noise is made during the hiring and on arrival and departure.
  13. At the end of the letting the hirer shall be responsible for leaving any kitchen equipment / utensils used in a clean condition and the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition, properly locked and secured, with all lights, switches, cookers, kettles, central heating switched off and safe.  Cleaning materials and equipment are available in the cleaning cupboard, boiler cupboard and rear toilet.   The committee reserves the right to levy an extra charge if lights and heating are left on after a hiring.  The committee also reserves the right to levy a cleaning charge if the hall is left in an unacceptable condition.
  14. The committee has a duty, as part of the grant condition, to allow the hall to be used as a polling station. Lettings arranged for the polling date will therefore have to be cancelled with as much notice given as possible.  Where possible alternative dates will be found.
  15. If the hall is unfit for use or is undergoing maintenance work, the committee reserves the right to cancel bookings during that period.
  16. The hirer will be expected to follow all the health and safety conditions set by the committee and added to this hiring policy below.
  17. The hirer must follow the advice printed on notices, given verbally and with this hiring policy.
  18. The committee reserves the right to charge a fee in the event of a late cancellation.
  19. The hirer shall be responsible for removing all waste generated and placing it in the appropriate receptacles adjacent to the fuel tank at the top of the access ramp. When these are full, waste must be removed from site by the hirer.
  20. The hirer may use the village hall WiFi Broadband at no extra charge. Full instructions are provided on a notice on the RHS of the stage adjacent to the Red Switch, that switches it on.


It is the intention of Wootton Courtenay Village Hall Management Committee to comply with all Health and Safety legislation and to act positively where it can reasonably do so to prevent injury, ill health and any danger arising from its activities and operations.  It will require all who use the hall to engage in the establishment of safe practices and to follow the guidance set out on safety notices and in the hiring documentation.

It is our policy to

  • Provide healthy and safe operating conditions for our volunteers, committee members and hirers
  • Keep the village hall equipment in a safe condition for all users
  • To provide such information as necessary for volunteers, committee members and hirers
  • To ensure that all required servicing and routine checks are made to the electric circuits, boilers, fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.
  • To respond quickly to reported safety issues.
  • To provide clear safety guidance to hirers
  • The committee will nominate representatives to carry out regular bi-monthly safety checks using a checklist similar to that recommended by the Health and Safety Executive and agreed by the management committee. Records of these regular checks will  be confirmed at each management committee meeting and retained in the Chairman’s files.

General Health and Safety Guidelines for all Users and Visiting Contractors

  1. All entrances and exits must be clear of obstacles and hazards at all times.
  2. Fire escape routes must be kept clear at all times.
  3. Although the hall has absorbent matting at both entrances care should be taken to ensure that damp feet and wet clothing do not produce a slip hazard. Adequate coat hooks are provided close to the entrance and wet clothing should not be taken into the main part of the hall
  4. Any spills must be cleared immediately to prevent slipping.
  5. Care should be taken with hot water from the taps, kettles and the urn.
  6. Any concerns about electrical installations, plugs, leads etc. must be notified to a member of the management committee or noted in the incident book. (See ‘Important Telephone Numbers’)
  7. Any electrical equipment where there are signs of damage, exposure of components or water penetration etc. must not be touched
  8. All hirers should acquaint themselves with the position of lighting switches, and emergency lighting.
  9. All hirers must acquaint themselves with fire exit routes and decide on a fire assembly point. It is recommended that the fire assembly point should be in the road opposite the hall gates.
  10. All hirers should acquaint themselves with the position and operation of fire extinguishers
  11. If the ovens, cooker or dishwashers are used, they must not be left unattended.
  12. Care should be taken with hot liquids and fats.
  13. Kettles should not be over filled and leads should not trail over the edge of work surfaces.
  14. Kitchen spills must be cleared immediately to prevent slipping
  15. Children under the age of 12 should not be allowed in the kitchen under any circumstances.
  16. Cleaning materials must be used according to the instructions on the label and kept out of the reach of children
  17. Do not use equipment unless you are fully conversant with its operation. Always ask for advice and help.  (See ‘Important Telephone Numbers’)
  18. If the stage is used, extreme care must be taken. There are potential falling hazards on all four sides. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all additional scenery and lighting for their specific requirement is safely installed to ensure that both the hirer and members of the audience are safe. Any additional staging required by the hirer must be advised at the time of booking and the Management Committee will be responsible for erecting the extension and demounting after the booking. A charge will be made for this service.
  19. All persons should exercise care in storage areas while removing and replacing items. All items should be replaced safely so that they cannot fall and cause an injury.
  20. Care should be taken when moving chairs and a trolley is available for moving them.
  21. When removing and replacing equipment stored under the stage it is recommended that two adults assist with this to prevent injury to hands and backs.
  22. Do not attempt to lift heavy items by yourself. Always ask for help.
  23. If ladders/stepladders are used, ensure that they will not slip by the use of an appropriate anti slip pad and that one adult stands on the bottom rung to provide added stability and support. Never use a ladder/stepladder by yourself.  Always ensure that you have assistance.   Users of ladders must take full responsibility for their own safety.  Use of ladders/step ladders owned by the hall is undertaken at your own risk.  Although our ladders/step ladders are believed safe, we cannot guarantee their safety. In the interests of safety the hall folding ladder is kept padlocked and only committee members have the code to unlock the padlock.
  24. If you are in the hall by yourself please ensure that you have a mobile phone in case of an emergency and ensure that someone knows where you are.

Hygiene (also see Covid-19 conditions above)

  1. Paper towels are provided in the kitchen and hot air driers are situated in the toilet areas
  2. Plastic gloves, available in the cleaning cupboard, are available for cleaning toilet areas or for dealing with spilt blood.
  3. All surfaces on which food is prepared or eaten must be thoroughly cleaned with an appropriate cleaner.
  4. Hands must be washed thoroughly before food preparation and a special sink is reserved for this purpose in the kitchen.
  5. It is the responsibility of hirers to ensure that the toilets are checked and, if necessary, cleaned after each hiring. Gloves and cleaning materials are available in the cleaning cupboard.

First Aid

A basic First Aid Box is kept in the kitchen.  This is regularly checked but please note in the accident book what you have used so that it can be quickly replaced.

Accident Report Book

It is a requirement that details of any accident no matter how small is entered in the accident report file  The file is kept on top of the filing cabinet in the small room.

Incident Book

If you note anything which is dangerous, broken or injurious to health please make a note of it in the incident book.   The book is kept on top of the filing cabinet in the small room.


The village hall’s liability policy extends to cover (as an insured) any hirer of the premises whilst they are at the premises, but this cover does not extend to commercial or business hire where the hirer is hiring the premises in the name of their business, whereby those parties should have their own policies covering public / products liability and / or employer liability etc.


  1. The management committee wishes to provide children and vulnerable adults with appropriate safety and protection whilst in Wootton Courtenay Village Hall
  2. Hirers are completely responsible for the care, safety and welfare of the children and vulnerable adults who attend the event.
  3. Hirers must take full responsibility to ensure that any activities involving children under eight years of age comply with the provisions of the Children Act of 1989 and that only fit and proper adults have access to the children.
  4. Children should be supervised at all times and not allowed to play outside the hall unless accompanied by a responsible adult.
  5. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to enter the kitchen.
  6. Use of toilets should be appropriately supervised and cleanliness checks made at the end of the hire period.
  7. Children must not purchase or consume alcohol and have no involvement in its distribution.


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