Because of the increasing use and popularity of our village hall, the Village Hall committee has arranged for a professional cleaner to clean the hall floors once a week for an hour.  Lynne Poynter cleans the hall, kitchen and toilet floors.  However, the people on the cleaning rota are still needed to keep an eye on the general cleanliness of the kitchen, loos, and other aspects of the hall.  Although the organisations that use the hall mostly leave it clean and tidy, there is an overall need to make sure that the hall is in order for those that subsequently use it.  This means that, after use, the main hall, meeting room, kitchen and loos should be checked for cleanliness and the waste bins emptied into the dustbin near the oil tank beside the hall and any items for recycling put outside in the appropriate box.

Many thanks to the generous people listed below who have agreed to be on the cleaning rota, especially those who are not on the village hall committee.  The key to the hall is available from the villagers’ stores.  Please contact Amanda Elliott if you have any queries ( or 07973754719).  Please feel free to swap your dates with other volunteers if needs be.  With very many thanks for your continued help.


  • Rubbish and recycling bins to be put by gate on a Sunday Evening
  • Check in hall kitchen for any rubbish or recycling
  • Replace bins by the oil tank on a Monday
  • Check that bin area is clean and tidy

Duties are for weekends during one calendar month.   If you are unable to do it on one of the Sundays –  please arrange for cover.If there are any problems  please contact Sally 841728


  • Saturday, 11th August – Friday, 24th August – Hilary and Mike Smith
  • Saturday, 25th August – Friday, 7th September – Joe and Lesley Roake
  • Saturday, 8th September – Friday, 21st September – Sue and Paul Aitken
  • Saturday, 22nd September – Friday, 5th October – David and Mavis Lowman
  • Saturday, 6th October – Friday, 19th October – Margaret Smith and Mary Noble
  • Saturday, 20th October – Friday, 2nd November – Barbara and Mike O’Keefe
  • Saturday, 3rd November – Friday, 16th November – Peter and Valerie Clapham
  • Saturday, 17th November – Friday, 30th November – Dee Binnie and Hilary Carrick
  • Saturday, 1st December – Friday, 14th December – John and Margaret Lovatt
  • Saturday, 15th December – Friday, 28th December – Brian and Trish Matthews
  • Saturday, 29th December – Friday, 11th January 2019 – Mike and Sara Maskall

Recycling to be placed at the gate on Sunday evenings

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