Village Hall

Hall at 100dpi.jpg.opt403x288o0,0s403x288The hall, situated in the heart of Exmoor countryside, was built in 2001 for the benefit of the local community.  It is architect- designed and offers very spacious accommodation, together with a ‘5 star’ rated modern kitchen and a small meeting/withdrawal room.  It has a south-facing terrace with views towards Dunkery Beacon, and a patio overlooking the village church.  It is well equipped and ideal for club meetings, conferences, weddings, special parties, business meetings, drama groups and all forms of community activities.

For Covid-19 special conditions on hiring or use of the hall please see the Booking page here.

A Hall For All Occasions

The main hall offers a large uncluttered area which easily and comfortably accommodates up to 84 guests seated at tables and a 100 people in theatre style.  Good quality chairs and tables are provided to seat the above numbers.  The high ceilings, light walls and polished maple floor create an attractive ambience for a wide variety of activities.  When necessary, the hall is well illuminated with a choice of two modern lighting systems.  The award-winning heating and ventilation systems, coupled with excellent insulation, mean that the hall is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A strong modular stage is available, which can be constructed in any part of the hall.  It is available in 4ft square units, up to a maximum size of 24ft x 24ft.  Stage curtains are fitted to make a proscenium arch but the stage is flexible enough for ‘in the round’ performances.  A good LED/Tungsten stage lighting system is available for hire.  For more sophisticated requirements, a stage lighting circuit is provided.

Kitchen Information

The large kitchen is equipped with a double cooker, fridge, microwave and electric urn.  There are ample work surfaces and heavy duty tables for food serving and display. We also have a commercial dishwasher with a three minute wash cycle.

There is a moveable and soundproofed partition between the kitchen and the main hall, so that the serving tables can be accessed from the kitchen and the hall. There is china, cutlery and glassware for up to 100 places. The kitchen has  a ‘5 star’ rating from the local council.

The kitchen is large enough to act as a comfortable venue for a meeting of up to 12 people and is often used for a variety of committee meetings and for small practical hobby groups.

When the sliding doors are open, the kitchen can become part of the auditorium for ‘in the round’ shows and concerts.

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