The present committee is listed below

  • Alan Rowe               Chairman
  • Brian Matthews      Vice-chairman
  • Mary Noble             Secretary
  • Barbara O’Keefe     Treasurer
  • Eddie Bishop
  • Dee Binnie
  • Peter Clapham
  • Claire Lynch
  • Paddy Parnell
  • Bill Hodgson
  • Kate McKenzie

The Trustees are committed to a programme of constant improvement.

  • 20 new red banqueting chairs have been purchased to replace the ageing green chairs.   We now have 100 comfortable and good quality chairs.
  • The old cookers have been replaced by the purchase of two new Zanussi ceramic hob cookers.  These are proving to be very successful, accurate and a pleasure to use.
  • Thanks to a substantial grant from the National Lottery we have been able to add a sophisticated LED lighting system to the hall, which will provide a wide range of lighting styles for all kinds of village activities, including drama, parties, dances and social occasions.
  • We have re-stocked the kitchen with 100 places of white crockery, cutlery, wine glasses and mugs.
  • A complete review of storage has taken place so that we now have room for all important items to be easy to find and use.
  • The kitchen is regularly steam-cleaned to help us maintain the highest possible standards of cleanliness and to keep our five star status.
  • New cupboards have been installed  in the meeting room so that equipment can be stored neatly, safely and off the floor.
  • A secondary lighting system has been fitted in the hall to enable ‘instant’ lighting when required.  This also offers a more informal atmosphere.
  • A non slip surface has been fitted to the decking at the western end of the hall.  This area was prone to become slippery when wet.
  • A speaker system has now been fitted in the hall with a good amplifier and radio microphones.   This will make talks and presentations easier to hear and provide help to those of us who are becoming hard of hearing!
  • Some internal decorating is taking place in areas of the hall showing some wear and tear.
  • The hall floor has been resurfaced with a hard wearing finish to maintain its superb finish.
  • A new high speed dishwasher has been installed in the kitchen.
  • Automatic safety lights have been installed on the steps and by the front door.
  • New trestle tables have been purchased.
  • A new display board has been fitted to allow village creative groups to display their work for the benefit of all who visit the hall.
  • Exterior lighting has been fitted to the rear of the village hall to illuminate the pathway to the storage shed.
  • New coat hanging facilities have been fitted.
  • A full Health and Safety review has taken place, and formal bi-monthly checks are made by members of the committee and recorded.

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