Wootton Courtenay Good Neighbours Plan

This plan is intended to help people who are self-isolating and/or sick and need assistance. Below are notes on the help available, and also options to help keep food on your table.  The help on offer does not include medical assistance or advice on the virus. For any health issue or emergencies please use the normal methods, including 111 and 999.

This is a long page, so keep scrolling to see all the information.


The village is organised around zones to keep the contacts local. Below the map are lists of coordinators and volunteers organised by zone. This is an informal arrangement, so don’t take too much notice of the boundaries.

How to get Help

  • Either use one of the volunteers below and make contact yourself, or
  • Contact one of the coordinators in your zone, who if they can’t help you themselves will put you in touch with someone in your area, or
  • Reply to any village email, or
  • Use the contact page on the website

The direct contact details for all the people in this guide will be circulated in a private email to the village distribution list.

Categories of help

SocialWilling to provide social contact by phone or any means
Misc tasksWilling to fetch and deliver things plus general tasks
Dog WalkingWalking of dogs
CookingMaking of food and delivery to your home
ShoppingVisiting the shops on your behalf
MedsCollecting prescriptions
  • These are not limited or prescriptive but are indicative of how people can help. If there is something you need doing which doesn’t fit this guide, just get in touch and we’ll find a solution.

It is assumed that volunteers won’t enter your home and will remain well away from you to achieve these tasks. Deliveries will be left on your doorstep; handing over goods assumes both parties have clean hands.

Keeping Food on Your Table

We are lucky to have a variety of options in the village:

  1. Some of the volunteers will cook you a meal (see details below)
  2. Andy at the village shop will be stocking frozen ready meals from Claire’s Kitchen
  3. Andy will also take orders for food and goods which he can buy from the wholesalers in Taunton
  4. Stuart Lowen, who runs the farm shop in Minehead, lives in the village and can deliver
  5. Claire will be running her trailer with hot food and ready meals to collect in the village hall car park:
    • Thursday evening for general meals
    • Sunday lunch time for roast dinners
    • Pre-ordering is important
  6. The Dunkery Beacon Country House are offering a takeaway service – details below

In all cases if you need food delivered, ask a volunteer who will collect it and bring it to your doorstep. 

Contact for Food Options

The private contact sheet will have more details, or use these links

Claire’s Kitchen

Claire will be making ready meals for delivery, or collection from her trailer. Ask a volunteer to collect the food if required, either from Claire or the Villagers Stores. For Thursdays and Sundays from the trailer, pre-ordering is important.

  • 8-hour slow-cooked pork belly with onion gravy, mash and carrots (GF)   £5.00
  • Cottage pie with carrots and peas (GF)   £5.00
  • Shepherd’s pie with carrots and peas   £5.50
  • Chicken and leek pie with mash, carrots/peas and extra gravy   £5.50
  • Shin of beef pie with mash, carrots and peas and extra gravy   £5.95
  • Sausage, mash, carrots and peas with onion gravy   £4.50
  • Vegetable moussaka   £5.00
  • Butter bean and apricot tagine with pilau rice (GF) (Ve)   £4.75
  • Fish pie (with haddock, cod and salmon, boiled egg, leek bechamel) topped with a creamy mash   £6.00
  • Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce   £2.50

This is a small menu to start with, as we need to keep up with demand.  Please advise on any dietary requirements when ordering.

Dunkery Beacon House Hotel

‘Gourmet to Go’ Food and Drink Packages

Freshly made, high quality dishes produced here at Dunkery Beacon Country House, available to collect or for free delivery (subject to location)

Dinner to Go Service available on Friday and Saturdays, beginning Friday 27th March

Two choices of main course and a steak option, together with desserts,
will be advertised on Thursday morning each week for the Friday and Saturday service, and orders must be placed by 6pm on the Thursday evening.

Contact via the website.

Choices for the weekend of the 27th March.


  • Griddled 8oz Somerset Rib Eye Steak with Herb Butter, New Potatoes & Tossed Salad (£3.50 supplement)
  • Roast Breast of Chicken or Baked Goats Cheese with Baby Spinach & Roast Butternut Cous Cous and Red Onion Jam
  • Poached Supreme of Salmon with Linguine, White Wine and Herb Sauce, Sprouting Broccoli


  • Lemon Drizzle, Lemon Curd & Clotted Cream Eton Mess

The meals are provided as a minimum 2-course package for £14.50 per person together with the option to add a bottle of wine from £9.95. Our full wine menu is available to choose from, but can be discussed at the time of calling.

Suggested wines @ £9.95 are good all-rounders for the meals suggested in the coming weeks and include;

  • Les Terrasses Sauvignon Grenache
  • Les Terrasses Merlot Syrah

Re-heating instructions will be provided with each meal option, together with ingredients/allergens and shelf-life. Dairy free and gluten free adaptations can be made at the point of ordering.

If paying by cash, the correct amount placed in an envelope will be required please to reduce the risk of contact/contamination.

The Villagers Stores

Andy has access to the Bookers wholesale store in Taunton which will provide access to goods which are hard to get in public retail stores. He has suggested that villagers can place orders which he will fulfil from Taunton or from stock. He intends to pack orders in the morning and close the shop (if needed) for half an hour to deliver from 11am onwards.

He also says that there is no shortage of stock, other than hand wash and paracetamol.

Should villagers need to pay for things without leaving their houses, we will find a way. One suggestion is to pay with cash which is bagged and isolated for 48 hours. Another is to send your contactless card with your trusted volunteer to the shop or to Claire’s trailer (only suitable for purchases under £30). Another way is by cheque.

If anyone has any cash or banking problems, just ask for help and we will find a way.

Typical Villagers Stores Stock Includes

  • Breads (granary & white, also sliced brown or white)
  • Milk (blue & green top)
  • Dairy (cheeses, butter)
  • Eggs
  • Cold meats (ham, pates)
  • Tinned meats, tuna, ham, fruits
  • Frozen sausages
  • Cereal
  • Teas & coffees
  • Drinks (cans, fruit cordials, Ribena)
  • Cleaning products (bleach sprays, bleach, Cif, toilet cleaner, gloves, bin bags etc)
  • Some medicines (Anadin Extra (contains paracetamol), Lemsip, aspirin)
  • Firelighters & matches
  • Biscuits / chocolate bars
  • Tinned and cup-a soups
  • Toiletries (soaps, deodorants, shower gels, shampoo)
  • Dog & cat food
  • Misc (cooking oil, flour, sugar & more…)
  • Wines & beers, lager, cider, Guinness & Corona lager!

Medicine and Pharmacies

  • Dunster Pharmacy deliver to the Villagers Stores once a month, if you specifically request it.
    • Volunteers can bring your prescription to you and leave it on your doorstep (and let you know with a knock on the door or phone call)
  • If your prescriptions are available from Boots, Tesco or elsewhere, these can be collected for you
  • If your prescription is electronic (no paper form)
    • You need to let the Pharmacy know who you would like to collect it for you
    • Your volunteer should take a form of identification with them when they collect
  • If your prescription is in paper form
    • You need to let the Pharmacy know who you would like to collect it for you
    • Your volunteer needs to know your name and address
    • Your volunteer should take a form of identification with them when they collect
    • You must complete part 1 of the form
    • Your volunteer will need to complete parts 2 and 3
  • In either case
    • If your prescription needs to be paid for, which is something to be arranged between you and your volunteer


Various options are available to help, including:

  • Setting up online banking if you need to make payments
  • Setting up online shopping for home delivery of food or other goods
  • Setting up video calling using Skype and other applications to keep in touch with people for free
  • Ordering prescriptions online
  • Solving any other technology issues such as uncooperative remote controls, televisions etc.

To avoid having to be in personal contact for these requests, there are ways to provide support over the internet using either Zoom or TeamViewer, which will provide a safe way for someone to access your computer (with your consent) and handle requests such as those above.

People able to provide such support include:

  • Abi Downie (daughter of Carolyn Flaherty)
  • Bill Hodgson
  • Lucy McQuillan

Abi has also been researching the current state of online shopping (overwhelmed), pharmacies, saving money on phone calls and other aspects of self-isolation. We may send around a briefing from Abi in the near future.

Group Meetings, Chat and Events

It is feasible that using Zoom we can organise group sessions where people can chat, see each other and interact. Taking part means installing the Zoom software, which we could organise, and scheduling such a meeting. 

  • Group chat – informal and running as long as you like
  • A village quiz
  • Committee meetings
  • Music or choral performances

If you are interested in getting involved, contact Bill Hodgson

Coordinators and Volunteers

West and Centre


Brian Matthews
Peter Clapham
Patrick Hoyte


Ro HoyteYesYesYes YesYes
Emma MantYesYesYes YesYes
Nicky Parnell Yes YesYes
Michael HillYesYesYes YesYes
Venetia Moore YesYes  Yes
Claire Howes Yes  YesYes
Bella CapelYesYes  Yes 
Jane and John BradleyYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mike O’KeefeYesYesYesYesYesYes
Amanda ThorntonYesYesYesYes
Jenny WarwickYesYesYesYes
Charlotte WoodYesYesYesYes
Cerys LeaYesYesYesYesYesYes
Jane CastleYesYesYes
Georgie RussellYesYesYes
  • Venetia Moore can provide visiting wellness sessions if requested (for instance for people who aren’t self-isolating), but she is also providing online mental wellness courses which you can access from your own home
  • Amanda Thornton is willing to make extra portions of dinner and deliver. She and Stan can change your fuses and lightbulbs, subject to isolation practises.
  • Charlotte Wood can help with horses and farm animals, baking and help with technology

Lower Town


Marion Jay
Ros Griffin


Maggie HarrisYes     
Hilary and Roger CarrickYesYes (if allowed)    
Janet and Mark TaylorYes Yes YesYes
Jamie Waters YesYes  Yes
Sally & Tony Farmer Yes   Yes
Bill Hodgson YesYes YesYes
Ruth WalkerYesYesYesYesYesYes
Jane Barbieri & Richard OliverYesYesYesYesYesYes
  • Maggie Harris can’t come out of the house but would welcome being in contact with others for reciprocal social contact
  • Likewise Hilary Carrick, who also offered to handle less common requests, whatever they may be!
  • Jamie Waters will visit the Alcombe Co-op (assuming stock is available)



Hilary Smith
Amanda Elliott


Rob & Liz ReedYesYesYes YesYes
Sheila ColtonYesYesYes YesYes
Mike SmithYesYesNo YesYes
Lucy McQuillanYesYesYes YesYes
Kate, Aden and Tom WatkinsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Alison ManningYesYes
Keith ElliottYes
Sally HuettYesYes
Alison and Nigel McKeeYesYesYesYesYes
Alan & Sue RoweYesYesYes
Woody TicknerYesYesYesYesYes
  • Sheila Colton is willing to drive out to remote properties, and can help with internet telephony, such as Whatsapp, Viber and the traditional telephone
  • Alison Manning can provide a ‘pet to vet’ service
  • Aden Watkins can get logs in for people (provided you stand well back)

Fairgarden & Burrow


James Wilmoth


Lesley & Joe RoakeYes     
Annie Crossley YesYes YesYes
John Crossley YesYes YesYes
  • Lesley and Joe are happy to have phone calls to chat to other self-isolators and keep spirits up



Allan & Sandra Featherstone


  • Put your name here – let us know using the contact form.

Brockwell and Ford


Sara Maskall


Abi DownieYesYes    
Beccy BrownYes
Sara MaskallYesYesYesYes
Sue LoftisYesYesYes
Belinda PowellYesYesYesYesYesYes
  • Beccy Brown says she can provide food boxes
  • Sue Loftis can carry out gardening and farm work if required

2 thoughts on “Wootton Courtenay Good Neighbours Plan

  1. I have made some hand sanitizer ( with pure alcohol obviously!). Im taking some to the shop this morning , for all to use before handling anything.

  2. Am simply amazed at the scale of help offered and organised in this village and very grateful as those, like Richard, who are over 80 really don’t need Coronavirus. With many thanks, Veronica

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