Wootton Courtenay Volunteers Plan

This plan is intended to help people who are self-isolating and/or sick and need assistance. Below are notes on the help available, and also options to help keep food on your table.  The help on offer does not include medical assistance or advice on the virus. For any health issue or emergencies please use the normal methods, including 111 and 999.


The village is organised around zones to keep the contacts local. Below the map are lists of coordinators and volunteers organised by zone. This is an informal arrangement, so don’t take too much notice of the boundaries.

How to get Help

  • Either use one of the volunteers below and make contact yourself, or
  • Contact one of the coordinators in your zone, who if they can’t help you themselves will put you in touch with someone in your area, or
  • Reply to any village email, or
  • Use the contact page on the website

The direct contact details for all the people in this guide will be circulated in a private email to the village distribution list.

Keeping Food on Your Table

We are lucky to have a variety of options in the village:

  1. To be updated shortly

In all cases if you need food delivered, ask a volunteer who will collect it and bring it to your doorstep. 

Contact for Food Options

The private contact sheet will have more details, or use these links

Claire’s Kitchen

To be updated shortly.

Dunkery Beacon House Hotel

‘Gourmet to Go’ Food and Drink Packages

To be updated shortly.

Contact via the website.

The Villagers Stores

To be updated shortly.

Medicine and Pharmacies

  • Dunster Pharmacy deliver to the Villagers Stores once a month, if you specifically request it.
    • Volunteers can bring your prescription to you and leave it on your doorstep (and let you know with a knock on the door or phone call)
  • If your prescriptions are available from Boots, Tesco or elsewhere, these can be collected for you
  • If your prescription is electronic (no paper form)
    • You need to let the Pharmacy know who you would like to collect it for you
    • Your volunteer should take a form of identification with them when they collect
  • If your prescription is in paper form
    • You need to let the Pharmacy know who you would like to collect it for you
    • Your volunteer needs to know your name and address
    • Your volunteer should take a form of identification with them when they collect
    • You must complete part 1 of the form
    • Your volunteer will need to complete parts 2 and 3
  • In either case
    • If your prescription needs to be paid for, which is something to be arranged between you and your volunteer

2 thoughts on “Wootton Courtenay Volunteers Plan

  1. I have made some hand sanitizer ( with pure alcohol obviously!). Im taking some to the shop this morning , for all to use before handling anything.

  2. Am simply amazed at the scale of help offered and organised in this village and very grateful as those, like Richard, who are over 80 really don’t need Coronavirus. With many thanks, Veronica

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