Film Club

Survey Results – August 1st 2018

A survey was carried out using the Village Website, below in the PDF are the results from the survey. For full details of your feedback including film ideas, suggestions and a provisional schedule, please read this PDF.

The highlights are:

  •  30 people responded, and all said the club was a positive idea
    • Some responses were from couples, so the number of individuals represented is higher
  • All 30 said they would attend where possible
  • Most people felt a price of around £5 was reasonable
  • Most people supported a season of six films, which can be reviewed as we go along
  • 17 people offered help to run the club
  • Many suggestions on films to be shown (see PDF)

Next steps

Detailed on the last page are all the activities leading up to our first night – we will be in contact with people who offered help, and make announcements via the website and in the shop window once we are in position to launch.

Many thanks to everyone who provided their feedback and suggestions.

Other Local Film Clubs

For your information, here are other local film clubs: