New Village Email Distribution list

As from Today, the Village Email Distribution list is changing. This is the first Email you will be receiving, and in the future, all Emails will be using this format.

It is self explanatory, for instance, you will be able to amend your own Email addresses, if necessary, a new member can be added, or it’s simple to unsubscribe, if you so wish.

Please note, this Email has been sent from the new Email address at:-

Can you therefore update your address book and contact list, and should you need to request distribution of Village Information, please use the new address.


3 thoughts on “New Village Email Distribution list

  1. Well done, Tony. Good stuff, and admirably clear. Bill and you make a formidable team. I know from this evidence that my e-mail address is on the list. I hope – and think – that Hilary’s is too. If it is not, could you let me know, please? Hilary is at;

    1. Hello Roger, you can discover whether someone is on the list by following the ‘join our email list’ link on the home page and trying to add Hilary using her email address. If you could try that, let me know if you get stuck. Thanks for the feedback, Bill.

      1. Thank you, Bill. Instructions followed, to good effect. Hilary is already on the list. Job done.
        Best wishes,

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