Building Work and Pampas Grass (Not Necessarily Connected)

Pampas Grass – Free to the taker

Kate McKenzie has two large clumps of pampas grass, if anyone would like to collect them from Robin How, Brockwell Lane, telephone 841508.

Thanks, Kate McKenzie

Building Work

Claire Howes wanted to pass on apologies to anyone affected by their building works. She says thank you to her neighbours for all their patience during the building works there, hoping it will finish soon.

Thanks, Claire & family

2 thoughts on “Building Work and Pampas Grass (Not Necessarily Connected)

  1. This website really is great! What an asset to our community! Pampas Grass being re-homed and neighbours being thanked for patience and kindness must make Wootton Courtenay an even more wonderful place to call home. Thank you to everyone who supported the Incredible Jewel concert at Simonsbath Festival. Michael’s poem, Loving Life has been widely praised and has been read out at a church near Exford. It is available by email for anyone else who would like a copy. ‘King’ the musical is now almost finished. As I had to edit out an hour of music I have plenty of spare material! Michael is now writing songs. I just need him to find the time so I can play and record them for him. Enjoy the sunshine, best wishes from, Marian.

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