A ‘Key’ Question

Can you help with the opening and locking of the Church?

The Church is opened in the morning and locked in the late afternoon/evening. Patrick Hoyte has faithfully done this for the last eleven years and is now standing down.  A rota is being compiled and if any villager would be willing to be on that rota, then please contact me.

Opening the church is not an onerous task and there can be flexibility about dates.  It can be done while out walking the dog.  But, as can be seen from the comments taken from the Church’s visitor book (see below), it is important to keep our church open, both for visitors as well as villagers.

If you are able to help, then you will be very welcome to come to Pound Cottage for coffee on Saturday 1st September, so that we can discuss rotas.  It would be helpful to know if you are coming for coffee so that we know how many chocolate biscuits to buy!  If you cannot manage this date, your help would still be much appreciated.

Brian Castle,
Pound Cottage (two doors away from the shop)
01643 841062

Comments in the Visitors’ Book over the last few weeks:

Amazingly historic church. Thanks for having it open.  (Tonbridge, Kent)

Tracing my Quick family. Delighted with my find here.  (New Zealand)

Just walked down from top of moor and ran out of water. Helped ourselves to your bottle. Thanks. £1.50 in chest.  (Bath)

Lived at Ranscombe Farm in winter of 63, then 12, now 68, was a member of this church choir. Happy days, lovely memories.  (Bristol)

Grand-daughter of William Thomas Childs (Bill) who helped carve the screen.  (Truro)

Calm/peace/love/sense of history.  (South of France)

Lovely church in beautiful surroundings. 3 years today since Mum died, so brought some peace.  Thank you.  (Huddersfield)

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