Contact the Elderly – Christmas Tea Party

No one should have no-one at Christmas and so, albeit only August, I am in the middle of arranging a Christmas tea party for 50 elderly guests who live lonely and isolated lives without friends or family close by.  Christmas for them is just another date on the calendar, so why not bring a little festive cheer into their lives?

As well as offering them a delicious and festive afternoon tea, I would like to be able to give each guest a small Christmas present to take home with them to open on Christmas morning.  I have already been promised 50 colourful calendars but if any of you could donate a small useful gift, it would mean so much to know that someone really cares about them.  Gifts may be left at Fairview, Wootton Courtenay, or call me on either of the  numbers below if you require more details.

Thousands of elderly people will spend Christmas alone this year.  We can’t help them all, but together we can make a difference to some.

Thank you.

Christine Payne
Contact the Elderly Coordinator
Minehead, Exmoor & the Quantocks
01643 841276 / 0782670958 /

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