Village Fete

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make yesterday’s Fete a success.  A big thank you also to all the villagers who donated items and turned up on a wet Sunday afternoon to spend money for a good cause.

The total raised was an excellent £704.96.  This exceeded expectations, considering the awful weather we experienced.  We will hold the Fun Dog Show soon, to add to this total.

Apart from the money raised, the afternoon was a lovely social gathering, and yet another example of how lucky we all are to live in our friendly village.  I have listed below the detailed stall takings.

Many thanks again,

Mike O’Keefe

Refreshments and Hot Dogs – £78.85
Treasure Island – £55.11
Bar – £11.70
Roll a Penny – £14.40
Splat the Rat – £12.50
Trump Corner – £13.50
Cake Stall – £216.60
Wire Bell Game – £22.50
Marjorie’s Magnificent Raffle – £59.50
Bottle Stall – £128.00
Pick a Straw / Teddy Name – £41.10
Dingbats – £8.00
Entrance Fees – £43.20

TOTAL – £704.96

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