Film Club Preview Meeting – Monday October 1st at 7:30

Film Club Preview Meeting

The time has come to begin our cinematic journey and we’d like to invite everyone to a preview meeting at the village hall on Monday October 1st at 7:30pm. We intend to demonstrate the fantastic equipment now available and give attendees the chance to vote on the first shortlist of films. The hall now has a high-resolution projector, a vast projection screen, and a superb sound system, all of which will be in action at the meeting. (Thanks to Peter Clapham for selecting and acquiring the equipment and Joe for putting the screen up).


  • An introduction to the club by the organiser, Bill Hodgson
  • Handing around voting sheets with the shortlist of films for the season, to vote for the first two
  • Showing short extracts from The Wonders Of The Universe by Brian Cox and the BBC production of Lorna Doone, to show the quality of the equipment
  • An explanation of the membership scheme

Next steps

  • At this point attendees are free to leave and join the membership scheme on their way out, leaving behind their voting sheets.
    • You can also join the membership scheme when attending any film showing
  • Anyone who previously volunteered to help run the club is invited to stay and we will explain how each evening will be run and hand round a clipboard with a rota for each event.
  • After the meeting we will gather feedback on the shortlist voting.
  • We will then announce the agreed dates for the whole season of six films, and the names of the first two films to be shown. As the season goes on we will solicit further feedback on film choices.

Local Clubs and Showings

Here is what’s on at other local film clubs, and the proposed dates for the Wootton Season which have been booked by Lizzie Dunn.


Below is a list compiled as a starting point for voting at the preview meeting. If you would like to add a film to the shortlist in advance of the preview meeting, please send it to Bill by replying to the village emails. Each film costs a minimum of £83 to show, therefore films with broad appeal are required to ensure we cover the cost.

If you have any questions, reply to the village emails or contact me (Bill) directly.

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