Vote On-Line Now For Your Favourite Films

Tonight we had a well attended kick off meeting at which we explained the film club, and demonstrated the new equipment. Feedback from the meeting was:

  • The picture and sound are impressive, everyone could hear well, we will adjust seating positions and the screen height for the first screening.
  • Mondays are probably a more popular day for screenings. This will be checked and confirmed soon
  • We will investigate whether we can show films twice, with sub-titles on one of the showings
  • The idea of dinner and a film wasn’t popular, but there was a suggestion that we use an interval for some sort of mini-feast, which will need to be investigated
  • We will start the seating further back than this evening and stick to theatre style

The presentation shown tonight is available here: Film Club Kick Off


Voting forms were provided at the meeting and we received a considerable number of completed forms. Please vote on-line now for your favourites this week, we need as many people as possible to take part. PLEASE VOTE THIS WEEK as we will need to make a booking for the first screening at the end of the month.

The full list of films with links to more details are on the Film Club page here.


Many people joined the club tonight, if you would like to join you have two options:

  1. Join at the first screening, bring £30 per person and we will sign you up
  2. Or knock on our door at Crockford House


Anyone who can help run each screening should reply by email please. We have a few people already signed up to run the front desk and setup, we need an assistant projectionist and perhaps a president of ice creams.

Opera and Live Showings

The Cinegi service provides downloads of live events for the higher of £99 or 35% of ticket sales. If you would like to see one of their shows, please reply to this email and we will build a list of supporters and investigate making this possible.

Next steps

We hope to finalise the first two film choices and the screening dates by this weekend. We will then announce the season dates and first two films. If you don’t have a cushion, consider acquiring one from a reputable outlet and be ready for the first film!

Thanks for all the support and interest, Bill


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