News From All Saints’ Church

There’s a lot happening at All Saints’ church this autumn and winter.

Firstly, the Wall of Remembrance will be set up in the church by the end of next week (19th / 20th October), so please add your messages of remembrance when you have a chance.  Also, a reminder to all of the weekend of remembrance, which begins with Bishop Brian Castle’s lecture on remembrance and reconciliation on 9th November at 7.30pm.  The traditional Royal British Legion service for Armistice Day will be at 10.55am on 11th November, with the commemoration of the First World War in poetry and prose at 7.30pm on 11th November, too.

Due to the popular success of the Cafe Church in September, there will be another, similar, event in the village hall on 9th December.  As the gathering will be in Advent, the theme will be more festive but, hopefully, as thought-provoking as September’s get together.  Coffee and buns will be provided.

The church redecoration, which brings to an end the QI work, (the church inspection which happens every five years) is to take place in January and February, 2019.  The work will take about eight weeks so, during that time, church services will be held as often as possible in the village hall on a Sunday morning.  Once details for the start of the work are confirmed, we will keep you all informed about dates and times of the services.  Watch this space!

Finally, the big news!  The church architect, Marcus Chantrey, has been asked to do a feasibility study for installing a lavatory of some sort and, possibly, a small servery, at All Saints’ church.  These are the first steps of what might prove to be an impossible project but, again, we will keep you all informed.

With very best wishes,

All Saints’ PCC