West Somerset Radio Starts on Oct 22nd

A new radio station based in Minehead starts broadcasting on October 22nd at midday. Full details on their website here.

Or read below:

A message from the Chairman.

It’s time! West Somerset Radio takes to the airwaves Monday the 22nd October at midday, a team of volunteers will inform, amuse and entertain you with great music from the last 4 decades, all we ask of you is to tune in on 104.4 FM, or on line at http://www.westsomersetradio.co.uk.

The team will keep you up to date with travel, local news, play some great music, all designed to ensure that you know what is happening in and around West Somerset.

If you have an event going on let us help you promote that event, if you are a charity, or a not for profit organisation its free, if you are a theatre group such as The Regal, there’s no charge for you, sports clubs, athletics groups, leisure groups it’s free to you to tell the residents and visitors about your event.

Butlin’s, as part of supporting the local community, have agreed to offer West Somerset Radio in their accommodation, that means that each year half a million visitors will be able to be made aware of local events.

If you are a local business West Somerset Radio can promote your business, you can have your advertisement played 3 times per day Monday-Friday for less than £3 pounds per day on our Bronze offer, our Silver offer gets your ad played 5 times per day Monday to Friday and, reduces the cost down further to only 86 pence per ad, and the Gold offer gets the ad played 7 times per day Monday to Friday, the cost per ad is an amazing 69p, that’s less than £5-00 per day!

West Somerset Radio is a not for profit radio station, any profits will be used in the development of the station and to promote West Somerset, to make it succeed we need you to listen in and help us to promote the service, there is probably a presenter you will know, there are certainly organisations you will be aware of, Foxes, local schools are all supportive and engaging with the station, all we need now are you to listen in.

If you want to help us, advertise, or volunteer drop me an email: Click here

Look forward to hearing from you and remember to tune into 104.4 FM from midday 22nd October

Kind Regards

Bryan Leaker Chairman