Minehead Male Voice Choir Concert

A big thank you to all who supported Saturday night’s concert.  The audience feedback has been very positive and I am very pleased that the evening was such a success.

The choir sang a wide variety of songs, interspersed with some humour from the compères, and the audience joined in with a medley of songs from the First World War. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Phyllis Barclay with her wonderful accordion playing, which had the audience tapping their feet and clapping along, particularly the Jimmy Shand tunes, which are Phyllis’ favourites.

Thanks to Andy for running the bar, and Mavis and Barbara for their hard work in the kitchen, providing the interval refreshments and the after-show buffet for the choir. Thanks also for the donations for the Poppy Appeal.

We made a profit of £150 which, added to the £750 from the summer fete, will show we have been actively raising funds and help us get a positive response when applying for grants for play equipment and other improvements for our village playing field.

I would like to share the following.  I found it whilst looking for some amusing snippets for our compères.  It sounds like a Blackadder script but is the true recollection, from World War One, of Second Lieutenant W. J. Brockman of the 15th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers:

“We had a very gallant fellow with us, a Jew of German extraction, name of Mandelberg. He was the sort of bloke who would go out into no-man’s-land and explore.  He went out one night, and as he came back through the wire, he was challenged by the sentry, who said : ‘Who goes there?’  ‘ Captain Mandelberg!’, he replied.  He had gone too far along the line, over to another regiment, and the sentry shot him.  Fortunately, he was only wounded.  The sentry was arrested and faced a court martial.  He was asked : ‘What did you do that for?  You shot a British Officer!’  ‘I thought he said Hindenburg’, he said, ‘so I shot him’.”

Mike O’Keefe