Village Hall Internet and Wifi Coming Soon

The village hall is scheduled to receive the Internet before Christmas, by virtue of an offer from AirBand who will equip the hall for free, both now and into the next century.  Their engineers will visit to fit a dish to the far end of the hall which will link via microwaves to a tower somewhere near the visible telephone mast towards Dunkery Beacon. This link will deliver an anticipated 30 megabits per second transmission speed, to a WiFi router which is expected to be on the wall behind the stage.

Assuming all goes well the hall will then have a WiFi network to which you can connect your phones or laptops to use the Internet as you wish. The hall committee will announce further details once the equipment is installed.  This new capability could enable activities such as:

  • On-line learning sessions
  • Live TV events (but needs investigation)
  • Better signal and phone calls for people whose network struggles at the hall now (such as EE)
  • Accessing the internet for anyone who can’t at home
  • Live links to other communities for interest groups
  • Live links to friends and family around the world
  • Web-based presentations

If you can think of a purpose using the Internet at the hall – let us know so we can provide advice and support.