Film Club – December 17th – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

Our next feature is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri on December 17th, 7 for 7:30.

It’s been already seven months since her daughter’s hideous murder, and the divorced mother, Mildred Hayes, is still grieving, refusing to come to terms with her loss. In Mildred’s case, nothing seems to be able to take away the gut-wrenching pain only a mother feels when she loses a child; however, in one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions, the plucky parent will rent three derelict billboards on the outskirts of her town, Ebbing, to declare war against the local police for failing to find the killer. No one is spared in this brave crusade, not even the ailing police chief, Willoughby, as Mildred’s bold black-on-red statements demand answers and the culprit’s head on a platter. Just how far is Mildred willing to go to appease her rage?


We will be providing a bar and ice creams prior to the film from 7pm with a short introduction and the feature at 7:30pm. We will show the feature straight through without an interval. The hall now has a widescreen format projector screen, a player  which will use Blu-ray format discs, the best quality available, along with brand new large stereo speakers and now surround sound too.