Streetview of the Police Station During Filming of Ebbing Missouri

For those that came to the film on Monday, I’ve found the street view which shows the location in Sylva, North Carolina, and the crew working on turning the furniture store into the Police Station. Around the side to the right of the location is the furniture store sign taken down.

Click and drag the image below to explore the street.

I believe many of us found the film to be a shocking and hilarious journey through the consequences of anger and retribution – personally I found it hard to watch and emotional in various places. The BluRay disc is now the property of the village, and if anyone else would like to see the film please contact Peter Clapham to borrow it, viewing is highly recommended. (Although reviews on-line vary from 10 out of 10 ‘astounding’ ‘masterpiece’ to 1 out of 10 ‘rubbish’ ‘awful’, a marmite film if ever there was one).