End of Year Website Review

The new village website launched in March 2018, below are some stats about activity on the site.

Overall Activity

Overall the site receives between 700 and 800 visitors per month – one visitor means one unique person on one day. This means it could be 100 people visiting 8 times a month or 10 people visiting 80 times a month. Whoever they are, they view around 3,000 pages a month on average.

Overall visitors and page views

Where do they come from?

Whilst the UK is the most popular, we have visitors from all over the world. You can see from the map we have website visitors from Japan, South Korea and Indonesia amongst many.


What do people look at?

Once visitors arrive at our website, the table below shows what they look at. The “Our Village” and “Home” are the same thing, which naturally get the most hits. After that the Shop, the Village Hall, the Parish Council and the Film Club have plenty of page views.


What do they click on?

And finally, what do people click on when they are on the site? The top item is “Media” meaning the images, PDFs and documents published on the site. The next are links to the films “www.filmbankmedia.com” and then the “eepurl.com” is the link to join the email list. After that we have the links to the sponsors on the right hand side of the home page with Beata and ‘healedbe’, Claire’s Kitchen, the Courtenay Collection, and the Dunkery Country House coming next.


And so to 2019

Have an enjoyable December 31st and see you in 2019. Bill & Marion.