How to access the Internet at the Village Hall

The installation of Internet access at the Village Hall was completed this week. A WiFi point now exists high on the wall behind the stage, providing a signal within the hall for everyone to use.

The Committee has created a policy for using the service to cover various risks and eventualities.

In practise, access is easy:

  1. The WiFi point needs to be switched on; instructions will be placed on the wall next to the power switch to the right of the stage. Very simply: switch on power to the stage.
  2. Once the power is on, the WiFi point will start up and be ready within a few minutes.
  3. Using your Phone, Tablet, Laptop or other device, look for a network called village_hall
  4. Click on that network and then click Connect or Join – no password is required. You should be connected shortly.
  5. On return visits, most devices will re-connect automatically without any action from you.

The committee anticipates a few uses for this new and completely free service:

  • Accessing the BBC iPlayer and showing TV, where allowed by licenses
  • Watching instructional videos – there are endless sources of knowledge via YouTube. Any club could use a laptop and the projector to watch such videos as part of their meetings
  • Educating villagers by demonstrating internet services such as on-line shopping, banking, selling and buying
  • Showing movies downloaded from the Internet, or streamed from the Internet, assuming licenses are in place
  • Teaching internet technology such as making websites
  • Streaming music (if we have a suitable license)
  • Making internet phone or video calls at zero cost to anywhere in the world, using services like WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime.
  • Checking your email every five minutes and ignoring the people around you. Joking, of course.

If you can think of a use for the Internet in the hall, let us know so we can help.