All Saints’ Redecoration

A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped clear the church on Monday morning.  The response was absolutely amazing!  With the benefit of hindsight, I may have over-estimated the amount of shifting that was required, but the willingness of people in Wootton Courtenay to lend a hand is simply outstanding.

The church is now ready for the arrival of the contractors next Monday.  I am the duty ‘turn-key’ and the church will remain open during daylight hours until Sunday evening.  The church now looks rather sad, but it is still available if you wish to visit.  After Sunday, however, the church will be closed until further notice and the work may take until the end of March to complete.

At about 8.30 on Monday morning, a large lorry from Wellington Scaffolding will arrive.  It is anticipated that the erection of the scaffolding in the church will take the entire week to complete.  Accordingly, the parking area in front of the church will cordoned off on Sunday evening and, indeed, for the whole week.  Alternative parking has been arranged for those who normally use this space, and grateful thanks are due to Tony Smith for his very kind assistance with that.  I will be liaising with the contractors and will let you know if there any variations to the expected time frames.

The redecoration work is being carried out by Sally Strachey Historic Conservation (‘SSHC’), who did the conservation work on the tower, etc in the autumn of 2017.  The entire church will be redecorated (including the vestry and the ringing chamber of the tower).  George Burnell, who has already provided us with so much practical assistance for access and storage, has kindly agreed the SSHC personnel can park in his yard for the duration of the work, which will also help to mitigate parking problems in the village centre.

Please do feel free to contact me on 841146 if you have any questions about any aspect of the church’s redecoration.

Thank you,

Mike Smith