Would you like to see Opera and Ballet (nearly) live at the Hall?

According to a show of hands at a recent film screening there is interest in seeing events from the Royal Opera House in the hall. I have been slowly piecing together how such a scheme would work. I have made contact with two distributors of live events and understand how their licensing works, which is reasonable.

I am also in discussion with a gentleman in Porlock about the equipment we need to receive the events, to arrive at a price. This seems it will also be reasonable and affordable. The commercial deal for showing these events means ticket prices will be between £13 and £15, of which we keep around 50%.

The final piece of the puzzle is to be sure that there is demand for the events.

Please vote

If this interests you, could you spend a minute ticking some boxes to show how interested you are in a selection of opera, ballet and theatre by clicking here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/wc-live 

Help needed to be Leader of Live events

In addition to finalising these plans, we need one or more volunteers to become Live event leaders. The role would be to select and book the events, coordinate with Lizzie for a hall booking, Peter for setting up the projector, Andy for drinks, and selling tickets on the day (or running a membership scheme). I can help get you going, but adding all this on top of the Film Club is too much for me. Reply by email to let me know if this is something you might be able to take on.

Background info

The new ROH season is yet to be announced, their events listed below are the remainder of the current season. The distributors below also offer events using Bluray, such as Matthew Bournes Swan Lake, which we could also screen.

Via http://www.more2screen.com

  • Royal Opera House (Probably screened a few days after these dates)
    • 19th February Don Quixote
    • 2nd April: La forza del destino
    • 30th April: Faust
    • 16th May: Within the Golden Hour
    • 11th June: Romeo and Juliet
  • Oscar Wilde – Vaudeville Theatre
    • 27th Feb: Lady Windermere’s Fan
    • 27th March: An Ideal Husband
    • 1st May: The Importance of being Earnest

Via http://www.cinemalive.com

  • Ballet
    • 8th May: Spartacus
    • 25th June: Victoria
    • 31st October: Dracula

TV Club / Sports on a Saturday / Tea & Telly

Another idea that came out of a recent discussion was that of showing regular TV at the hall. At the last film screening we demonstrated a quick burst of David Attenborough and his Blue Planet using iPlayer which impressed many in the audience. Assuming we go ahead with the satellite equipment for live events, this will also give access to all free TV channels including the BBC.

Events we could consider would be:

  • An afternoon drama or documentary with a cup of tea
  • A live sports event (assuming we can see it on free TV, not Sky) with beer and pies
  • Free to air films shown on TV

If you feel inspired to organise activity like this please reply by email too.