All Saints’ Redecoration Work

As promised, here is a brief update about the work in the church.

Thankfully, the scaffolding has been completed (it took six days) and I am most grateful to the church’s near neighbours for their kind co-operation and forbearance while Wellington Scaffolding was on site.  That is not, of course, the end of the story, as the reverse process will have to take place once the redecoration work has been completed!  Due to the time it took to install the scaffolding, the redecoration work is in its early stages and there is presently no indication of a completion date.

Turning to the work that has been done, the new floor plate and joists have been installed in the area of the three rear-most pews that are adjacent to the north wall.  However, an identical problem has been discovered in respect of the pews between the font and the west wall and we have asked the conservators to quote for this additional work.  The conservators advise that, so far, the only area that requires additional re-plastering is on the west wall to the left of the doors to the tower.  They have already chipped the old plaster away, where necessary, and I was delighted to find that the wall itself is completely dry!  In answer to my enquiry, the conservators advise they have not encountered any damp problems in this area.

You will recall that, early last year, some additional lead flashing was installed at the abutment between the west wall of the nave and the tower.  It seems this has solved the problem of water ingress that was affecting the west wall of the church (i.e. to the left of the double doors into the tower).  I have been taking photos and would be happy to send a small selection of these by email – please drop a line to if you are interested.

I will keep you advised of progress and would ask you not go to the church – it is effectively a building site and therefore dangerous.

Mike Smith