Wellbeing on Air

Venetia Moore has a new radio slot on West Somerset Radio, ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ starting this week. Every Wednesday at 1.30pm she will be sharing some information on different health and wellbeing topics; talking everyone through a mindful guided relaxation, giving out notices on any wellbeing events, activities and workshops happening in this area. Some weeks Venetia will be interviewing other wellbeing practitioners, instructors and group leaders.

Venetia’s main focus is that people get to know that every Wednesday they can tune in, take five, and have what she calls a ‘Power Break’ together. She is also aiming to promote holistic wellbeing by raising awareness on ways we can help ourselves to be healthier, and know where to go to be helped.

It’s a short slot, probably no longer than 10 mins so it is practical amount of time for everyone to take some ‘time out’!

Here is the link: https://westsomersetradio.co.uk/