Village Compost Orders

Wootton Courtenay has, in recent times, ordered compost in bulk from Dalesfoot, which has proved to be a good peat-free compost, delivered at a reasonable price.  Dalesfoot have changed their pricing so that now, in order to obtain the best price of about £5.00 per 40 litre bag (delivered), we would have to order 3 pallets (about 200 bags).  If we order less than this the price will go up to about £6.75 per bag (delivered).

Having been to the Gardening Club talk by Jan Waters, in February, when she told us how she set up a cut flower business and used large amounts of Revive (Viridor recycled compost) – 20 tons in the first year – I thought that I should also investigate their prices.

Revive can be purchased at all Somerset recycling centres at 3 x 40 litre bags for £10.00 (£3.33 per bag).  It can also be purchased via Bradfords Building Supplies, in dumpy bags which equate to about 25 small bags for £54, plus a delivery charge of £12.50, making the cost the equivalent of approximately £2.70 per bag.  If more than one dumpy bag is ordered, then Bradfords have said one delivery charge would cover a number of addresses which were in close proximity (i.e. in the same village), hence the price could go down to about £2.30 per bag if 4 dumpy bags were purchased.

Revive can also be purchased loose, and either delivered or collected from Taunton; this can reduce the cost even further to about £27 per tonne (equivalent to 2 x dumpy bags or 50 x 40 litre bags which works out at about £0.60 per bag!) if collected.  However, the cost of delivery is substantial, at £132.00 for up to 6 tonnes, the equivalent of £1.00 per bag.  If 2 tonnes were ordered, delivery would be equivalent to £1.90 per bag.  The additional problem with loose compost is that it has to be tipped somewhere, which may not be very convenient, so dumpy bags may be a better option.

The Revive compost size is supposed to be between 0.0 and 15 mm, so there are no large lumps.  It is also peat-free.  I purchased 3 bags to see what it was like and it certainly is quite a fine compost.  However, I have not yet used it and would be grateful if anyone has any experience of it.  There is a large amount of information on the Viridor website: Viridor Compost

If we are going to order from Dalesfoot, then probably one order per year is sensible, so that we can have 200 bags and reduce the costs.  This could be in spring or autumn.

If we order from Viridor, then this can be done on an individual basis, or we could place a village order for dumpy bags.

If you are interested in ordering either of these composts, could you please email me on with ideas of quantities?  I would also be very grateful for any feedback on the Revive compost.

Many thanks,