Concert to Raise Awareness of Arctic Warming

Dear Villagers,

I’ve been studying climate change for over two years.  Even after all the alarming recent climate events, the world’s governments are still woefully reluctant to wake up.

I’m hoping to hold a special concert to raise awareness and funds to help projects working towards a solution.  The concert will include pieces from ‘Incredible Jewel’, which features words by Michael Reed, a local farmer.  The work was premiered at Wells in 2017, and performed again at the Simonsbath Festival last year.  Thank you to all the Wootton Courtenay people who came to the concerts and were so enthusiastic.  You have helped us both gain confidence.  The new concert will also include music from my show ‘King!’, a contemporary opera.  (Yes, I’m still working on it.)

On 13th March a hugely important report was released by the UN, with the shocking news that the Arctic is now ‘locked in’ to an inevitable temperature rise of 3-5°C by 2050, and 5-9°C by 2080.  This will have a devastating impact on the people living in the Arctic and, indeed, the rest of humanity.  The story was apparently ignored by the British press, with the exception of the Guardian.  You can read the report by clicking here:  GRID-Arundal UN Report

If you have a problem accessing the report, please phone me on 841004 – I have the press release and report here.

Thank you,

Marian Matthews