Church Redecoration Update, Part II

As you know, the redecoration of the church has now been completed.  It all looks pretty good, although bare at the moment until we clean up and move all the bits and pieces back in next week.  The first service in the ‘new’ church will be Holy Communion at 9.30am on Sunday 7th April.

The Parochial Church Council is exceedingly grateful to Mike Smith for all the hard work he has put in as ‘project manager’ for this, and for all the other building and conservation work that has taken place since the church architect’s inspection four years ago.  Without his input it would simply not have happened.

The redecoration has inevitably been expensive – well over £30,000 – with more to come for new issues (such as plumbing and flooring defects) uncovered during the redecoration process.  This has required the PCC to plunder its financial reserves, and we have, in fact, had to realise about 70% of our investment holdings.  We all need to be aware that this means a reduction in essential income this year, and in all future years, because of the loss of interest and dividends on the money which has been spent.  The church in our village is, therefore, facing a somewhat uncertain future, as we cannot be sure how the PCC’s already stretched resources will pan out over those future years.

Patrick Hoyte