Historic Discovery in Wootton Courtenay

While conducting geophysical investigations to establish the new site for a postbox in the village recently, surveyors working on behalf of Royal Mail made an extraordinary discovery: a network of catacombs, with an access point near the church.

An initial foray into the subterranean labyrinth unearthed an unconventional kind of treasure; small truckles of cheddar cheese.  Local cheese expert and amateur historian David Stow, who was consulted on the find, has estimated that the cheese originates from the 1500s and may have been stored there by monks, who were forced to leave the village during the Reformation.

Furthermore, when one of the surveyors plucked up the courage to taste a piece of the ancient cheese, he found it went well with a pickled onion and a glass of Shiraz.

To view the surveyors’ findings, click here.