Have Your Say – Hinkley Point C

Permit application number EPR/HP3228XT/V004

We wrote to you in March 2019 to let you know that we had received an application to vary an existing environmental permit from NNB Generation Company (HPC) Limited at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, near Bridgwater.

We told you that the company no longer wants to include an Acoustic Fish Deterrent (AFD) as part of their cooling water intake system.  We also told you that we are running a public consultation and invited you to share your comments with us.

We wrote to you again in May 2019 to let you know about a number of additional and updated reports that we had received from the company after the start of the consultation.  These were made available online at Citizen Space.  We also told you that we have formally asked the company to provide us with the following additional report, so that we can determine their permit variation application.

  • TR493; The effect of not fitting an AFD system at HPC on the operation of the HPC FRR systems, Cefas (2019b).
    This report is currently being prepared for the company by Cefas. It aims to provide information on any potential effects on the Fish Recovery and Return (FRR) system as a result of removing the Acoustic Fish Deterrent from the Cooling Water intake design.

Because the company did not make this report available at the start of the public consultation, we advised in our last briefing note that we will extend our consultation by 4 weeks after we receive this report.  This is to give stakeholders time to consider the information and send their comments on it back to us.


The company has now said that it will submit this additional report to us by 28th June 2019.  We have therefore extended the consultation period to 4 weeks after this date, so please submit any comments to us by the end of 26th July 2019.  You are still able to submit additional comments to us even if you have already responded.

Next steps

We will contact you again to let you know when this additional report has been submitted and we will make it available to view online at Citizen Space.  Please submit all comments to us by the end of 26th July 2019.

How to respond

• Online: Citizen Space consultation tool
• Email: psc-waterquality@environment-agency.gov.uk
• By writing to ‘Environment Agency, Permitting and Support Centre, Water Quality Team, Quadrant 2, 99 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield, S9 4WF’

Normally we must add all responses we receive onto our public register.  Please tell us if you want your response to be confidential.