Watch Out for Pantry Moths

Beware of teeny weeny black moths – they can cost you a packet . . . and many more packets!  They are called ‘pantry moths’ and can invade your larder.  I noticed some of the moths in my kitchen.  I had never seen them before and quickly checked them out on Google.  They have come from India and are apparently rapidly causing a problem. The larvae are minute and can easily invade your foodstuffs.  The adult moths can even change colour to match your foods (such as creamy white to camouflage them in cereals, porridge etc.)

It can become very expensive if you have to keep throwing your vital stores away. I’m not normally a one for bashing creatures, but I rid my kitchen of them very swiftly and am keeping a check on supplies.  Please keep your eyes open for these pests. They arrive in foodstuffs and can live all year round in our warm kitchens.

Marian Matthews

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