Wootton Courtenay Garden Club Flower and Produce Show

Tuesday 6th August, 2.00pm

Our annual Flower & Produce Show is approaching fast.  I do hope that you will all put in as much as you can, to help make this make this the best show ever.

I am aware that growing conditions have been challenging this year but remember, it is the same for everyone, and what you consider not worthy of entry may prove to be a winner, so please HAVE A GO!

Entry Forms and Schedules are available at the village shop, and there are lots of entries for those whose talents lie in the home rather than the garden, including needlework and cookery.  There is also a class for juniors, including children visiting relations in the village; a jam jar of flowers is easy and fun to do.

May I remind last year’s cup holders to return your cups – engraved and cleaned, please – to the village shop.

Good luck to you all.  The Committee and I look forward to seeing you on the 6th.

Veronica Clegg, Chairman