Life Support Procedure (CPR) Cards

In the next three weeks every household in WC parish will receive a new CPR card, dated September 2019, giving information on how to act if someone has stopped breathing. Please keep this card in a safe place and destroy any previous cards.
It gives instructions on resuscitation techniques (CPR) and details of 1st Responders in Wootton Courtenay.  The 1st Responders are not registered medics but have been given special instruction in the use of the defibrillator and are willing to attend in an emergency. Your individual CPR card tells you who are your nearest 1st Responders.

The Defibrillator is contained in a special blue cabinet on the west side (left side if facing the shop) of the villagers’ stores.  If needed, open the cabinet using the attached key, and remove the bag containing the defibrillator.
Full step-by-step verbal instructions are given by the machine once it has been opened. 

Further information can be found on the WC website. Go to HOME and scroll down to EMERGENCIES.
Training in the use of the defibrillator for everyone is held annually.  Please try to attend.

Hilary Smith – 841146