Community Vegetable Garden Scheme and Survey

On behalf of Adam Reed:

We hope to start up a community vegetable garden, to provide local, seasonal, ecologically-grown veg and fruit in weekly boxes to the community. We plan to grow a wide variety of produce, organically (but not certified)  following a model called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

CSA is a partnership between farmers and consumers in which the risks and rewards of farming/growing are shared. It usually works by customers buying an annual membership for their share of the harvest (usually paid monthly), essentially paying the farmer to grow their food rather than buying his/her produce. They can have a direct involvement in the growing of their food, through helping out in the garden to voting on key decisions for the running of the scheme.  It aims to reconnect people with where their food comes from, with a strong emphasis on community.  It also allows the farmer/grower greater security, knowing in advance that he/she has a market for his/her produce for the coming year.

We hope to start up this project somewhere in the Porlock / Wootton Courtenay / Minehead area in the next year or so. And it would be aimed at anyone in the area who wanted to get involved, and we will try to make it accessible to all (hopefully subsidising some shares for low-income families).

If successful we would hope that the garden would be a real community hub, with regular visits from schools and groups, events, courses, and opportunities for socialising, work experience, learning skills.

At the moment we’re just trying to find out if there would be an appetite for such a project in the local area, hence the survey below. If you are a West Somerset resident we’d be grateful for your survey feedback, and please pass this on to others in the area.

Click here for the survey

Many thanks, Adam Reed.