Donations for the Bahamas Appeal

Dear Friends, here is an update from the Red Cross working directly in the Bahamas:

The situation remains dire, with desperate ongoing needs for food, water, medical supplies and sanitation.  Rivers have been polluted by sea water, wreckage and worse.  Tents, tarpaulins and plastic sheeting are all still needed and being provided for survivors.  Tragically, the number of people now reported missing is now 1,300 and the search for them is likely to take a long time.  The most likely reason is that many families have become separated on different islands.  Some were split up by evacuation, and others were working on other Bahamian islands whilst their families remained at home in the full force of the hurricane.  Many were crushed in their fragile homes; others were washed away by the huge tidal waves, and may never be found.

Thank you to those who have given.  If you haven’t already done so, I appeal to you, please do.  These people, in their many thousands, have been through a maelstrom of terror and trauma.  They are among the poorest on the planet.  Your donations will go direct to the Red Cross teams working in the disaster zone.  The bucket for donations is in our village store.

Thank you so much.

Marian Matthews.