Village Shop Christmas Card Scheme

Sorry to mention Christmas at the beginning of October!

Nearly everyone in the village sends Christmas cards to other villagers.  How about sending our Christmas greetings in a simpler way and donating the money saved on cards to charity?

As in previous years, Andy is offering to run a system where you can display a card, with your personal greetings to the village, in the shop window and donate a sum equivalent to the savings on cards to the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance or a charity of your personal choice.  We are giving you advance notice of this scheme so that, if you are interested, you can adjust the number of cards you buy.

During December, Andy will be happy to receive and display your village greeting.  You can then give him a donation to the Air Ambulance or send a donation to a charity of your choice.

We will let you know how much we have raised for the Air Ambulance shortly after Christmas.

Peter Clapham
Wootton Courtenay Villagers’ Stores Ltd