Red Cross Thank You Letter

Dear Marian and Wootton Courtenay supporters,

On behalf of The Red Cross I would like to thank you for the kind and generous donation of £292.12 raised in aid of Hurricane Dorian survivors across the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.

As you probably already know, Dorian’s ferocious Category 5 winds and rains have damaged houses and other buildings, which left many people without adequate shelter.  As many as 13,000 houses have been severely damaged or even completely destroyed.  On the island of Abaco, extensive flooding contaminated wells with saltwater which has created an urgent need for clean water.

The money that your community has raised will help to provide families with emergency shelter, including tarpaulins, blankets, kitchen sets, and solar cell phone chargers.  Some families are also provided with unconditional cash grants, which allow them to repair and replace what they have lost, while also helping to bolster the local economy in the short term.  This is in addition to the many trucks which are loaded with relief supplies, food and medicines.

Our efforts will continue for possibly many years in the Bahamas, rebuilding and preparing communities for future disasters.  This work is made possible only by generous and empathetic communities like yours, and for that support we thank you.

Kind regards,

Kaye Peach
The Red Cross – Minehead