Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2019

This time of year is always a busy time – the change in the hour, Bonfire Night, The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, Remembrance Day and, just around the corner, Christmas and The New Year.  As years go by these all seem to come quicker and quicker.

We are now starting our Poppy Appeal collection, and some very kind collectors will be bringing round poppies and asking for donations so that we can maintain Wootton Courtenay’s quite extraordinary reputation for generosity in supporting this cause.

Over the years we have been breaking our own records, including last year when we were able to send the RBL the magnificent sum of £1,420 from the village, showing our concern for those who risk so much to keep this country safe by putting their own health and safety on the line.

Please support this cause as generously as you are able.  The final event of the Appeal will be the service in All Saints’ church on Sunday 10th November.  Please join us for this service if you can.  It will start at 10.56 am to enable the Two Minutes Silence to be observed at the traditional time of 11.00 am, remembering the moment the Armistice was signed at the end of the First World War.

Philip Douglas 
Poppy Appeal Organiser