Alan Bennett’s Monologue ‘Her Big Chance’

Thursday 7th November at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) Wootton Courtenay Village Hall A Take Three Girls Production Tickets £12.00 per person - booking is essential: 07946 555124. Andy will be running a bar. Lesley is an aspiring actress, who, after a series of unpromising extra roles on television programmes such as Crossroads, is offered what … Continue reading Alan Bennett’s Monologue ‘Her Big Chance’

Thinking Allowed

Monday 11th November The next meeting will be at Skye's on Monday 11th November.  We will be discussing the topic of forgiveness, exploring what we understand forgiveness to be and the challenges of offering forgiveness and of receiving it.  The experience of our gatherings guarantee that the discussion will range widely and deeply.  Dee Binnie … Continue reading Thinking Allowed

Theatre Club 2020 Performances Survey

On the 16th of December we will show 42nd Street as the third and final event as part of this trial period. On the assumption that there is sufficient interest to continue into 2020 we would like your feedback on our shortlist of content. We have picked items from Ballet, Drama, Opera and Musicals for … Continue reading Theatre Club 2020 Performances Survey