A Request and a Reminder

Request:  Does anybody have an electric heated tray we could borrow for the Christmas Gluhwein being served during the performance of 42nd Street on Monday evening 16th December? If so,  please contact Valerie Clapham on 841578 or clapham680@btinternet.com Reminder:  The Theatre Club is screening a performance of 42nd Street on Monday 16th December at 6.30 … Continue reading A Request and a Reminder

Micro Business Owners Research Trial

Are you a rural micro business or sole trader? Are you interested in shaping the future of business support?  Then the Engaging Rural Micros project wants to work with you!  Engaging Rural Micros is a research trial to learn how to stimulate positive mindsets towards improving business efficiency. Micro businesses, freelancers and sole traders (fewer … Continue reading Micro Business Owners Research Trial