‘Songs of Praise’ Service

Sunday, 9th February at 11am It’s a ‘Songs of Praise’ Service at All Saints’ church this Sunday.  An informal, community service - which has been described as ‘like bingo’ - that gives everyone a chance to choose their favourite hymn.  Led by villagers for villagers.  Come and join in - everyone most welcome. Refreshments after … Continue reading ‘Songs of Praise’ Service

Thinking Allowed: Tolerance

Monday 10th February at Skye's Our next @Thinking Allowed will be next Monday at Skye's.  The bar will open from 6.30pm (drinks available), discussion 7.00 - 8.15.   The topic will be 'Tolerance'. The kind of questions that may emerge are: Do we live in a tolerant society - or is it less tolerant than … Continue reading Thinking Allowed: Tolerance