The Ideal Time to Make Exceedingly Good Cakes

If If you’re willing to self-isolate When all are doing the same. Or wash hands for twenty seconds With no recourse to complain. If you can join a trolley queue That snakes a hundred yards. And resist the urge to stockpile Using contactless bankcards. If you’ll mask up in Tesco And give others a wide … Continue reading The Ideal Time to Make Exceedingly Good Cakes

National Theatre Productions on YouTube

London’s National Theatre has been keeping audiences at home on the edge of their sofas during lockdown by streaming plays from its archive on YouTube for free.  The first month of plays from the cherished institution has been hugely popular, but it looks set to find an even bigger audience with the latest wave of … Continue reading National Theatre Productions on YouTube

Cheers for the NHS Success

Hurray for our villagers! Last night as eight o'clock dawned for the NHS cheers, we took the advice of Chrissie Payne who said we would hear better from our back garden.  Terry rang his bell to rival Big Ben and I bashed out some rhythm on me bucket.  We heard you loud and clear at … Continue reading Cheers for the NHS Success