Cancellation of the Flower and Produce Show

It is with huge sadness that the Committee and I have decided that, in the interests of safety, we will have to cancel the Show this year.  However, we have not gone away and we will endeavour to make next year’s show the best ever.  It will be on Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, so please look forward to then!

We have decided that it would be nice to mark the Show in some way and have come up with this idea: if anyone who might have entered the Show would like to photograph one exhibit that they are most proud of on the day of the Show and send it to the village website, those photographs will be published by degrees over the weeks that follow.  Bill and Marion are, very kindly, working out how this can be achieved and we are very grateful to them for that.

The categories are as follows:
Any vegetable plus, if you fancy, making an amusing vegetable – that would cheer us all. Any piece/dish of fruit
Any flower
Any flower arrangement
Any bakery
Any photograph
Needlework – unless you are saving your entry for next year, but anything would be fine.

Just ONE photo and not all categories as we don’t want to swamp the website, and there will be no prizes just HONOUR AND GLORY, what more could a Show person want! Please include your name when submitting your photo.

With many apologies for the disappointment, and keep safe and well.

Veronica Clegg